Brands Of

Brand Identity, Brand Architecture, Signage & Environmental Graphics

Our work for Brands Of was selected for the prestigious Bienal Iberoamericana de Diseño 2020 (BID_20), organized by Fundación Diseño Madrid. The exhibition shows the best recent designs from Latin America, Spain and Portugal, and comprises around 400 works by designers from all areas of the design space.

As design consultants ourselves, we headed to a challenging yet very fulfilling task of bringing together different countries from the Latin American community (Mexico, Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico, among others) under one name: Brands Of.

Graphic values from the letter “B” and “R”, and the use of the letter “O” as a container, were elements that we wanted to explore with the new version of Brands Of and were specifically designed to be removed from the logo and be used as a series of independent symbols that represent and differentiate countries' culture itself. The symbols’ design will provide emotion and identity elements so audiences can relate to them. We embraced a strategy of providing a sense of culture by the association of these values present on the brand.

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