La Salida

Naming, Brand Identity, Signage & Environmental Graphic

Located at a famous road exit in Puerto Rico, La Salida's brand identity was inspired by the concept of travel, highways, road trips, and directions. We created a typographic logo and designed various patterns and elements inspired by route signs, drive-ins, and bumper stickers, among others.

Branding, Restaurant, Vintage, Food and Drink Branding, Food and Drink Design, Food and Beverage, Drive-in, Logo design


Brand Identity, Signage & Environmental Graphic, Brand Architecture

We created a typographic logo inspired by a “tropical zombie” concept. The letter "o" becomes a gooey eye, to give that zombie-like vibe. The elements have subtle bizarre aspects with bright tropical colors. This is a fun brand with lots of design opportunities within its variety of products.

Branding, Ice cream, Yogurt, Logo Design

Atypical Treats

Brand Identity, Signage & Environmental Graphic, Packaging

Atypical’s name inspired us to create a custom font to make the brand look... atypical. We wanted to break the rules, so we drew a line to distance the brand, and ourselves as designers, from the common trends of the natural products industry and ended up creating something fun and quirky.

Being a plant-based product, the elements consist of a various plants, but are strategically designed to create a pattern that shows abstract figures. The white background maintains uniformity within a clean and light industry, but at the same time, we surround it with bright colors to make it stand out from its competitors.

Branding, Health, Treats, Nature, Label Design

Mercado El Amanecer

Brand Identity, Signage & Environmental Graphic, Digital Strategy, Digital Marketing

We focused on presenting their family history as local farmers with a quality product that goes from their land to the store. A wood texture style was applied to give Mercado El Amanecer a rustic look. The hand-drawn like illustrations represent their main products: cattle, fine cuts of meat, and harvest.

Branding, Farming, Meats, Logo Design

Las Marías

Brand Identity, Signage & Environmental Graphic, Editorial

To make the name of this publishing studio pop out, we applied a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters to the logo. Design elements were created to simulate manual strokes of manuscripts and books´ corrections. The chosen colors and photographs give the brand a nice balance between vintage and modern styles. 

Branding, Editorial, Books, Publishers

Antiguo 26

Brand Identity, Signage & Environmental Graphic

Influenced by the vintage look and linear characteristics of the 1900´s graphic style, the positioning and movement of the logo gives the brand a modern balance. In addition, the colors were intentionally selected to match the historic facade of the restaurant.

Branding, Restaurant, Vintage, Logo Design

It's Personal

Brand Identity, Signage & Environmental Graphic, Packaging

This is personal! We created a fun-bold-flirty-straightforward yet graceful pizza character. We trapped him inside a badge for the logo, but for the applications, we let him loose, interacting in different ways and situations. The branding has a linear and clean style, consisting of simple geometric figures.

Branding, Pizza, Beer, Bold, Logo Design

Arrieta Realty

Brand Identity, Signage & Environmental Graphic, Digital Strategy, Digital Marketing

Professional, friendly... and fun. We chose a thick sans serif typeface to represent the brand´s friendly and approachable side. The house icon represents their primary services: rental and sale of residences. However, since they offer other services, a brand architecture system was designed to maintain a fun ambiance in an industry that tends to be more serious and repetitive.

Branding, Realty, Logo Design

La Celestina

Brand Identity, Signage & Environmental Graphic

We created a backstory for the character of La Celestina that helped us visualize what we wanted to portray. Then, we designed a linear illustration, combined with a sans serif display typeface to create an elegant and casual style for the brand... just like her. For design elements, we applied a more literal meaning to the word ¨celestial¨ or heavenly, creating a variety of hand-drawn style clouds.

Branding, Food and Drink Branding, Food and Drink Design, Food and Beverage, Coffee, Caribbean, Logo Design

Sew it Academy

Brand Identity

For SEW IT, we customized a script typeface to give the brand a casual, accessible, and professional look. On the other hand, we went with a sans serif type for the word ACADEMY to create an exciting contrast that highlights the movement of the leading name. We also designed a monogram with the letters “s” and “i” as an icon on different applications.

Branding, Clothing, Sew, Education, Learning, Lifestyle


Naming, Brand Identity, Packaging, Digital Strategy

The name Nuve came from the word ¨nube¨ (cloud), with a slight change. We substituted the ¨b¨ for a ¨v¨ to represent the ¨verde¨ (green) of nature. Using the name as inspiration, we designed a cloud icon representing the ¨high¨ of its products, adding a subtle marihuana plant to imply that it is a dispensary.  The pastel color palette represents calm and confidence, while we used sunrises and sunsets to represent the variation of their strains.

Branding, Naming, Weed, Dispensary, Marihuana, Logo Design


Naming, Brand Identity, Digital Strategy, Advertising, Digital marketing, Motion Graphics

It's an upgrade to your shopping experience. Using the upgrade concept, we created an arrow that goes up the letter ¨S¨ and forwards that can be detached from the name and be used as an icon without losing its meaning. Design elements are based on character illustrations that create a friendly atmosphere, appealing, at the same time, to a youthful and innovative market.

Branding, Retail, Online Shopping

Mimi G

Brand Identity

The name "Mimi" is placed in a legible way, both facing up and down. We also created a horizontal version for narrow spaces. The letter ¨g¨ works as a container for images and other design elements. 

Branding, Retail, Online Shopping, Fashion, Clothing, Lifestyle


Naming, Brand Identity, Packaging, Brand Architecture, Digital Strategy, Advertising, Digital marketing

Pan Pepín, one of the biggest names in the Caribbean bread brands, launched a new healthy line of products called Para Bien. Al Grano, Sin Azuuuca, and Panketo are Para Bien´s starting lineup. We wanted to make ¨healthy¨ fun by designing colorful packages with modern and minimalistic elements. Each color and element was carefully selected to create a brand architecture that is growing and expanding to new products with different qualities. The digital campaign created for Al Grano is their most successful campaign.

Branding, Food and Drink Branding, Food and Drink Design, Food and Beverage, Puerto Rico, Bread, Health, Label Design


Naming, Brand Identity, Packaging

We used the symbolism behind the butterfly to represent change and evolution towards something positive. Furthermore, to give the identity a technological look, we used a lowercase san serif typeface and applied gradients that promote a friendly environment, and takes into account the market and healthcare industry trends.

Branding, Naming, Innovation, Retail, Health, Air Purifier, Logo Design, Label Design